Atanas Borisov
Audio engineer, sound designer

When it comes to designing a speaker shaking bass or a crisp drumbeat, Atanas can make you explode with his energy. He is a talented Bulgarian music producer currently based in Sofia. His career started at the age of 16, as a drum and bass DJ at local parties and small gigs. This hobby quickly turned into a passion for music and sound, thus pursuing a degree in Music Technology (Audio Systems) at London Metropolitan University was a natural decision. His mixing, mastering and sound design skills have greatly developed both through his six year work experience as an audio engineer and his degree. Atanas has worked for Deep Zone Project music studio. Some of the famous music projects he has been part of include: Deep Zone Project, Nelly Petkova, Dia, Teddy Katzarova and Grafa. Atanas is also one of the two members of "The Khans".