Petar Aleksiev

Composer, arranger, project manager, piano player

When it comes to orchestra strings or vocals, Pesho can touch your soul with his unbelievable feeling for melody and harmony. He is an excellent piano player, with great skills for voicing and peaceful harmonies. Petar works as a pianist and music instructor. Winning several prizes in representative competitions, he is the best Bulgarian song composer in his age range. His skills can help you improve musical ideas and find the best lead/melody-solo lines for your project. Petar has over 1000 hours studio experience as a Music Producer and track editor. Aleksiev’s songs are often played in pop-oriented medias.

Atanas Borisov

Audio engineer, sound designer

When it comes to designing a speaker shaking bass or a crisp drumbeat, Atanas can make you explode with his energy. He is a talented Bulgarian music producer currently based in Sofia. His career started at the age of 16, as a drum and bass DJ at local parties and small gigs. This hobby quickly turned into a passion for music and sound, thus pursuing a degree in Music Technology (Audio Systems) at London Metropolitan University was a natural decision. His mixing, mastering and sound design skills have greatly developed both through his six year work experience as an audio engineer and his degree. Atanas has worked for Deep Zone Project music studio. Some of the famous music projects he has been part of include: Deep Zone Project, Nelly Petkova, Dia, Teddy Katzarova and Grafa. Atanas is also one of the two members of "The Khans".

Aleks Nushev

Guitar player, composer, sound designer

When it comes to sophisticated recording techniques, multitrack editing and mixing, Aleks is in his heaven. He’s been playing the violin since the age of 6 and guitar from a little later onwards. Furthermore with over 20 years of experience, Aleks is more than happy with his job. He has had 3 big spectacles as a music producer, over 100 concerts as a bassist (incl. fretless) and countless arrangements and recordings for various artists. Moreover, Aleks has released film and advertisement music. Nushev is the arranger and the recording engineer of the album “Through the eyes of the sun”, which reached top 20 - best Ethno-world music album in may 2014 (Europe and Africa).

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